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Biomedical Engineering Online & Campus Degrees

Biomedical engineering is a relative new field of engineering that is gradually picking up momentum. It is a mesh between medicine and engineering that has resulted in biomedical engineering. Online biomedical engineering degrees are available for those aspiring students that would like to enter this field and add value to it by their leaning and expertise.

Biomedical engineering degrees are widely available since this is an up and coming field. Since medical demands are on the rise to maintain health standards across the globe, engineering has made its way into the medical field, and that has produced biomedical engineering. The purpose of this fusion is to use the skills and methodologies of engineering with medical sciences to improve all facets of healthcare such as diagnostics, treatment, therapy, and so on.

You will come across a wide number of new and interesting courses that are spread across online biomedical engineering degrees. These courses and disciplines include Bionics, Clinical Engineering, Biomechatronics, Basic Medicine, Principles of Engineering, Human Anatomy and so on. The list is endless as this is a deep and comprehensive field.

The aforementioned courses will add meaning and value to your leaning experience. It is necessary to build a solid foundation when it comes to a technical and sophisticated field like biomedical engineering as your success rests solely on the foundation you develop during the early years.

With biomedical engineering degrees, graduate students may find employment opportunities in the public and private sector. Hospitals, and clinics may show keen interest in recruiting candidates as biomedical engineering is gradually beginning to make its mark in the medical world. You may have the chance of being one of the first to work in a cutting-edge lab that is built to use biomedical engineering principles to function. 

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Campus Schools (Click Here For Online Schools)

Brown Mackie College system of schools

- Associate of Applied Science in Biomedical Equipment Technology
- Associate of Science in Biomedical Equipment Technology
- Certificate in Biomedical Equipment Technician
- And more...
Campus Locations: Phoenix , Birmingham , Lenexa , Bedford , and More...

Keiser University Campus

- Biotechnology, AS
- Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
- Biomedical Sciences, BS

Campus Locations: Port Saint Lucie , Fort Myers , Jacksonville , Melbourne , and More...

IntelliTec College

- Biomedical Equipment Technician (Colorado Springs)

Campus Locations: Colorado Springs

Lincoln Tech

- CNC Machining & Manufacturing

Campus Locations: Mahwah , Indianapolis , Grand Prairie

Colorado Technical University

- Denver - Master of Science - Systems Engineering
- Colorado Springs - Master of Science - Systems Engineering

Campus Locations: Colorado Springs , Englewood

ECPI University

- Mechanical Engineering Technology

Campus Locations: Virginia Beach

Sullivan College of Technology and Design

- Advanced Manufacturing Technology - BS

Campus Locations: Louisville

Temple University, College of Engineering

- PhD in Engineering
- Master of Science in Bioengineering

Campus Locations: Philadelphia

Online Schools

Kaplan University

- AAS in Health Information Technology
- BS in Health Information Management

Parker University

- Bachelor of Science with a major in Health Information Management
- Associate of Applied Science with a major in Health Information Technology

Fremont College

- AA - Healthcare Information Technology

University of Phoenix

- Master of Health in Administration/Health Care Informatics

Medaille College Online

- Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Information

Harrison College

- Health Information Technology

Western Governors University

- B.S. Health Informatics

University College

- BS Health Sciences

University of Cincinnati Online

- Master of Health Informatics

University of Illinois at Chicago

- Master of Science in Health Informatics
- Post-Master’s Certificate in Health Informatics

Biomedical Engineering Job Outlook

If you are looking for information on the biomedical engineering job outlook, then you have clicked your way to the right page. Here you will find relevant information on the biomedical engineering job outlook that will help you in your journey to path the right career choice.

It is important that you thoroughly research and leave no stone unturned when it comes to collecting information about your future – in this case it is regarding education and its job prospects. Now let us begin by understanding what biomedical engineering is all about so that you can be the judge for the biomedical engineering job outlook.

Biomedical engineering uses the strengths of both fields, i.e. medicine and engineering. This resulted in a combination of the two principles known as biomedical engineering. It combines the methodologies and knowledge of engineering with the biological sciences to support each discipline. Biomedical engineering has drastically improved healthcare in terms of therapy, surgery, monitoring, diagnostics and so on.

As the operating costs of doing business are on the rise, biomedical engineering looks to provide cost effective medical solutions to the masses. Hospitals and medical centers are gradually starting to invest in these hi-tech machines pioneered by biomedical engineering designs. There is great demand for operators and technicians of these advanced machines and systems which means there are plenty of job opportunities in this department.

Specialists that can construct customized solutions for hospitals are in demand too. According to the (BLS) Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2011 the mean annual wage of biomedical engineers is $88,360 with a mean hourly wage of $42.48.

Therefore the future looks bright for those interested in pursuing degrees in biomedical job engineering fields. Begin today by researching and making a list of available programs in your area.


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